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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Human Factors in Wrongful Convictions: Tunnel Vision

Retired Detective Jim Trainum explains the harm of focusing on a single or limited police or prosecutorial theory and seeking only evidence that confirms that particular theory.

Human factors of wrongful conviction: Eyewitness Identification

Dr. Jennifer Dysart explains how memory affects identification and how to prevent eyewitness misidentifications.

Human Factors in Wrongful Convictions: Memory Malleability

Dr. Elizabeth Loftus discusses how memory is constructed and how it is susceptible to being manipulated by false information

Tuesday, October 29, 2019




He’s was accused of a unarmed robbery. The general description of the assailant was braids, facial hair, dark skin, that fits many young black men, not to mention Gerard was not in the area, and he had witnesses to prove it on the day of the crime. 
Because of some “vigilante type street justice”, Gerard was approached by a group of men, who he never met, insisting he committed a robbery. The eyewitness, who was robbed 3 days earlier, was brought to Gerard where this group of men were holding Gerard against his will, accused him of the crime, and fast forward Gerard is now incarcerated in a MDOC facility. 
Gerard who is INNOCENT did not accept the one year plead deal, with no court cost he was offered, he insisted on going to trial to prove his INNOCENCE in court. Going to Trial however resulted in him being found guilty and now serving 2-17 years in prison for a crime HE DID NOT COMMIT!
Gerard who is diagnosed with Severe Crohn’s Disease has been receiving disability benefit since 2011. Gerard has never had a moment of remission from Crohn’s Disease. He has endured this illness since age 15. Gerard must have monthly 3 hour IV infusions, and other medications to maintain his health. Due to his chronic health conditions Gerard is not physically allowed to participate in what many of us would consider normal activities. However nothing about his limited physical health, chronic illness, nor the witnesses that would prove his innocence was allowed in the trial. 
DPD did not properly nor completely investigate the claim, evidence somehow came up missing....and the entire case was built off a eyewitness account.
Mistaken eyewitness identifications contributed to approximately 71% of the more than 360 wrongful convictions in the United States overturned by post-conviction DNA evidence.
Inaccurate eyewitness identifications can confound investigations from the earliest stages. Critical time is lost while police are distracted from the real perpetrator, focusing instead on building the case against an innocent person. This is exactly what happened to my son! Now he’s in prison extremely sick and suffering. Due to the severity of his illness, Gerard has been unable to eat, as well as the limited health attention in the prison,Gerard lost over 25 lbs in one month.
Therefore I am working hard along with the assistance of Rashida Tlaib and her team, Sam Riddle and others to bring awareness to Gerard’s case. 
I am seeking the assistance of the Wayne County Integrity Unity to review his case, and exonerated him of this crime. Gerard was represented by the Public  Defenders Office in Detroit who in my opinion was ill-prepared and did not do their job! 
In this case Justice was not served!!!!