Family and Friends of Gerard Haycraft

Thursday, November 14, 2019


GERARD is INNOCENT and Incarcerated for a Crime HE DID NOT COMMIT!

GERARD suffers from Severe Crohn’s Disease and currently having other health complications...we can not count on or trust the MDOC outsourced Healthcare.
GERARD request to see a doctor took over 60 days as his condition worsened! 

It was only after the actions Rashida Tlaib’s office and the Ombudsman of Prison Medical Services in Lansing getting involved GERARD was finally seen by a doctor!
He laid in bed in Extreme Pain, Unable to Eat, and Diarrhea......losing 25lbs!!!!!

GERARD is being punished twice while being INNOCENT!!!!

Join us to Advocate for GERARD by sharing his story with as many people as we seek for the WAYNE COUNTY INTEGRITY UNIT to review the evidence of this case that was not submitted during the trial that will EXONERATE GERARD FROM THIS INJUSTICE AND ALLOW HIM TO GET APPROPRIATE HEALTH CARE!!!!!!!


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  1. We stand in the presence of ALL who are praying for healing & freedom for Gerard